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Cole MacGrath Sprites by LeeHatake93 Cole MacGrath Sprites by LeeHatake93
-"I have to be ready to stop anyone who would follow The Beast's example. I was given a second chance to use this powers, and I intend to do just that!"-

Several sprites of Cole MacGrath for various designs he has in The Crossover Game, my massive crossover idea. This isn't his full list of alternate costumes, but gives an overall idea of what designs he has in the crossover.

Empire City: Cole's design from the first inFamous game, which is modeled after the "Classic Cole" skin from inFamous 2, wherein his courier bag is worn in the same direction that New Marais Cole wears it, however, it includes missing elements that his outfit from the first game had that didn't carry over into inFamous 2, such as his fingerless gloves. This version of Cole does not fight with his amp, and is available in two variations: Hero and Infamous. As with the first game after choosing to use the Ray Sphere instead of destroying it, Evil Cole's lightning glows black with a red nuance, rather than entirely red as it does in the first game, or orange as it does in the second game and PlayStation All-Stars.
New Marais: Cole's design from inFamous 2, wielding his amp weapon. This Cole is available in three variations: Neutral, Hero, and InFamous. As with Empire City Cole, Evil Cole would also have black and red lightning, rather than the orange lightning he has in inFamous 2.
Kessler: Cole's future self from an alternate timeline and an antagonist in the first game. His design is based off of the Kessler skin in inFamous 2, but he actually represents Kessler's character himself, complete with a different moveset based around the Kessler boss battle. Since he is based on Kessler, he doesn't wield the amp either. His lightning glows white.
Reaper: The Reaper costume from inFamous 2, based off of the faction of the same name from the first game. Despite the costume being accessible regardless of Cole's karmic alignment in inFamous 2, this costume is depicted as a form of Evil Cole, as it was in PlayStation All-Stars.
Festival of Blood: Cole's vampire incarnation from inFamous: Festival of Blood. He is available in two versions: Infected Cole and Full Vampire. Infected Cole is a vampire version of Neutral New Marais Cole, with red eyes, visible veins, and blood stains on his shirt. Full Vampire is a what-if costume unlocked when you complete the game to 100%, depicting what Cole would look like as a full-fledged vampire had he failed to regain his humanity. Reflecting on UGC missions that I created in Festival of Blood, the Full Vampire Cole is known as "Count MacGrath" in The Crossover Game as he represents a version of Cole from a timeline where he remained a vampire. As in Festival of Blood, this version of Cole doesn't wield the amp. Instead, he wields a stake created from a metal cross that was broken off of a wooden casket. As Infected Cole, he wields the Barbed Cross.
inFamous Retribution: Cole's future appearance from my crossover miniseries, inFamous Retribution, a crossover of the inFamous series, Beyond: Two Souls, and characters that originate from my own superhero game, Hero's Retribution. The two Coles seen here are known as Kessler Holmes and The Beast. Kessler Holmes, the Cole that resembles the mainstream version of Kessler, is the good Cole from inFamous 2, in a timeline where he actually survived activating the RFI, at the cost of briefly losing his powers and having aged prematurely from the exposed radiation. He lost the memories of being Cole MacGrath, though the name "Kessler" kept resonating in his mind, causing him to adopt that name. The Cole that calls himself "The Beast" is the same Cole from the evil ending of inFamous 2, after the events of inFamous: Second Son. This Cole has become a large threat to humanity as he has become the supreme leader of all Conduits, and only a handful of Conduits oppose him, making him a bit like Injustice Superman. However, he later develops Kessler's time travel powers, and returns to the past in pursuit of a time-traveling Delsin. Unlike the mainstream Kessler, this version of Cole's lightning glows a light shade of blue, building on his Hero karma and ice powers. The evil Cole's lighting is the same as the others: black, with a red nuance.
Reanimated Cole: This Cole originates from my old PlayStation All-Stars Storm idea, which was a crossover of PlayStation All-Stars and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. As this Cole followed the canon ending of inFamous 2, he was dead during the events of the crossover, although he was resurrected by Kabuto to serve Obito's army. His lightning actually glows white like Kessler's, as he doesn't have a karmic alignment and only fights for those who control him. 
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bibleman101 Featured By Owner May 21, 2017
Huge inFAMOUS fan. Glad to see there are still plenty of others. These are REALLY good sprites. And I'm actually interested in your inFAMOUS:Retribution story. I'm actually trying to write an inFAMOUS story myself.
Alexray35 Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
No Beast Cole?
UltimateDemonBeast65 Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
That Infamous Retribution thing, are you going to write it one day? Because I would be interested in reading it.
LeeHatake93 Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I have an interest in writing it, but I don't know when I'll ever get around to it.
I can easily think of plot elements, but putting them together into a cohesive story is a challenge for me. I get writer's block too often.
I might end up writing it one day, I just don't know when that'll be.
UltimateDemonBeast65 Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, I'm like that too where I can think of various plot elements and parts but not the stuff in between, so then I end up writing filler in order to not rush the story.
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