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September 29, 2013
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Grand Theft Auto V: GTA IV Costumes by LeeHatake93 Grand Theft Auto V: GTA IV Costumes by LeeHatake93
After playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto V, I've begun coming up with several ideas for the GTA series, ranging from simple DLC costumes and the idea of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin being in PlayStation All-Stars, to ideas such as a GTA V-Styled Pokemon game and a PlayStation GTA starring three of my favorite characters. I will post more about those ideas in the future.

After hearing about Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA V, I've been thinking about DLC for the single player. One thing I would enjoy would be costumes for the three characters based off of past GTA protagonists. The first costume pack I'd expect would be costumes of the protagonists from GTA IV.

Michael would receive Niko Bellic's costume as both he and Niko were the first protagonists revealed for their games and are the only members of their trios that moved to the city they live in to live with their families.

Trevor would receive Johnny Klebitz's costume as they both have scars and look alike. Trevor also fights members of Johnny's gang, The Lost during the story.

Franklin would get Luis Lopez's outfit as both of them have lived in their respective cities their entire life and have a job prior to the start of the game (Luis being a bouncer for nightclubs and Franklin being a repo man for a local car dealership). In addition, the only known relatives of both characters are female (Luis' sister and Franklin's aunt)
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Dc-Marce-Kalis Jan 12, 2014  Student Filmographer
Trevor now use the Johnny´s outfit

Niko Bellic= Michael De Santa
Johnny Klebitz= Trevor Phillips 
Luis Lopez= Franklin Clinton 
TheDannyMan Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this actually fits! :O
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