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Playstationboy99 Featured By Owner May 29, 2015
I just came up with 3 stage ideas what do you think
And what one is better

City Ruins - The Last of Us
Size: Large
Stage Hazard: Infected and Clickers or Scavangers (Infected and Clickers will appear at random times and run through the stage thrashing out and causing damage or Scavangers will appear in the buildings in the background and will shoot at the players)
Crossover: Jumping Flash
(The stage ascend like the Alden’s Tower stage in the game and gets taken in to space. At some point, Captain Kabuki from Jumping Flash 2 will appear and attack the players, Barron Aloha and a Muu Muu is seen in the background using the Telephone there are a few Infected/Clickers or Scavangers and get killed by Captain Kabuki)

Vekta City - Killzone
Size: Large
Stage Hazard: Helghast (The ISA and Helghast are waring in the background, ISA and Helghan ships are darting back and forth fireing at each other, stray missiles will sometimes hit the stage, along with exploding ships)
Crossover: Crossover: Puppeteer
(General Dragon flys in from off screen, insults the players and then coils around Vekta, attacking the players, ISA and Halghast forces his coils also become new platforms and will cause damage when he uncoils)

Arena- Tekken
Size: Large
Stage Hazard: Daedalus and Angel (fighting in the background)
Crossover: Resistance
(While Anna & Nina are fighting Alisa & Xiaoyu, Daedalus from Resistance 2 and a few Chimera appear Daedalus says "There calling us, its beautiful", the two teams agree to join forces and beat up the chimera, Angel comes and fights Daedalus, he and Angel are hazards to the players (Angel with her beam and Deadulus with his chimera powers) the fight ends with Angel killing Daedalus as his body is on the floor, the tag teams go back to fighting and Angel leaves the stage)
bernstormfighter Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016
do a stage from a unknow game like boo jakson with pokemon
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