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Kakarot Sprites by LeeHatake93 Kakarot Sprites by LeeHatake93
-"I'm the only Kakarot that's worthy of existing in the universe. I believe the eradication of those called 'Goku' is long overdue."-

A series of sprites for Kakarot, my evil version of Goku that originated from B.O.N.D., a crossover of Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. Although, the Kakarot in the Crossover Game is a rebooted counterpart to the original, originating from a new timeline that crosses over the events of Ultimate Tenkaichi, Xenoverse, Xenoverse 2, and Dragon Ball Fusions, keeping him primarily associated with the Dragon Ball universe as opposed to crossing over into Bleach, One Piece, or Naruto.
The sprites for Kakarot cover three versions of the character: Kakarot (B.O.N.D.), Renegade (Ultimate Tenkaichi), and Timeskip (Xenoverse/Fusions).

This verison of Kakarot corresponds to Goku during the beginning of the Saiyan Saga up to the Cell Games saga. 
-Base: Kakarot's original design is pretty much the same as Goku's during the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, though his clothing is a different color and he doesn't bear any form of kanji on his gi. In Kakarot's timeline, he never bumped his head as a baby, so he eventually took over Earth as he was originally meant to. However, he still trained with Master Roshi as a kid. When Raditz arrived on Earth, Kakarot killed him to test his own power and traveled to Namek with Vegeta and Nappa, after destroying the Earth.
-Super Saiyan: Kakarot's Super Saiyan form was awakened on Namek after the death of Guru rendered the dragon balls useless. In a fit of rage, he killed Vegeta and took out his anger on Frieza, their battle shaking up the planet until its destruction. His Super Saiyan form is almost identical to Goku's in appearance, except that his hair, eyes, and Ki color are different, taking on a darker look.
-Majin: With the destruction of Earth and Namek, Kakarot has no choice but to travel the galaxy in order to find a new home. After he arrives on Yardrat, he meets with a mysterious being calling itself Akuma, which bestows a new power upon him. Enhanced by the same magic that Babidi uses, Kakarot becomes a Majin and serves Akuma for a time, however, he later forsakes the magic and returns to training himself to use his own abilities. Kakarot's Majin form is similar to that of Vegeta's, being a Super Saiyan state with darker eyes, protruding veins, and a big "M" on his forehead. A unique feature about Kakarot's form is that rather than being affect by mind control, his Majin state is actually a transformation that can be controlled, and takes on a similar function to Goku's Super Saiyan 2 form. However, as previously stated, he later stops using this form.

This version of Kakarot corresponds to Goku after the Cell Games saga up to the end of the Buu saga.
-Base: Kakarot's "renegade" form refers to both his new design in Ultimate Tenkaichi and his parting from Akuma's forces, choosing to travel the galaxy himself. After his original gi gets destroyed, he salvages what remained to fashion new arm bands and a bandanna, later acquiring new leggings and boots. When he decides to go his own way, his tail mysteriously grows back, seemingly due to the influence of Akuma. For anyone that may still play Ultimate Tenkaichi, his outfit is the second Tien outfit.
-Super Saiyan: Kakarot's Super Saiyan form is visually unchanged, though his power has increased beyond that of his Majin state. 
-Legendary Super Saiyan: Or more accurately referred to as "Broly's power Kakarot". Upon traveling the galaxy, Kakarot comes across a planet where one of the residents refers to him by name, though they mistake him for his father, Bardock. When Kakarot arrives on the planet, he senses a Saiyan and to his surprise, discovers a lab with the body of a large Saiyan on an operating table. Kakarot recognizes the body as Broly, and meets his father, Paragus. Paragus claims that Broly had been defeated by some kind of entity, the likes of which he'd never seen. Though Kakarot is initially shocked at this news, he takes note of the strange lab and deduces that Paragus is attempting to harness Broly's power for himself by extracting and testing his DNA on other lifeforms. Interested, Kakarot convinces Paragus to perform his experiments on himself, gaining Broly's power in the process. After a few years, Kakarot awakens the Legendary Super Saiyan form. Unlike Broly's form, however, Kakarot's transformation isn't as massive, being more in scale with Super Trunks than Broly. As with Broly, Kakarot's muscle mass increases, his eyes lose their pupils, and his hair takes on a green tint. Unlike Broly, Kakarot doesn't become a mindless brute when transforming into this state, and he can revert at will.

This version of Kakarot corresponds to Goku during the events of Dragon Ball Super up to the epilogue of Dragon Ball Z.
-Powered Down: Unlike the other standard forms Kakarot took in the past, his non-transformed state is no longer considered his "base" form as he has ascended to the point that he can permanently maintain his Super Saiyan state. He will only assume this form if he wishes to conceal his power or is defeated in battle. After Paragus' experimentation, Kakarot gains a new gi and refashions his bandanna into a belt. The rest of his outfit largely remains the same. Though his tail had grown back, Kakarot elected to have it removed when Paragus infused him with Broly's DNA. Despite his tail no longer being visible, he still retains the abilities he would have if his tail were still attached, such as transforming into a Great Ape, though he never does so on-screen and prefers not to take that form. His outfit is similar to Goku's outfits from Resurrection 'F' and the end of Z, though it retains his purple and red color scheme.
-Malevolent Super Saiyan: Also called "Super Saiyan Dark" by Kakarot, this is his version of Goku's Super Saiyan God form obtained from Akuma after he lost a battle against Goku. As the opposite of Super Saiyan God, Malevolent Super Saiyan can be awakend by the malice in a Saiyan's heart, as opposed to purity, and doesn't require the assistance of other Saiyans to obtain. Visually similar to Goku's SSJG form, Super Saiyan Dark takes on a more menacing appearance, turning Kakarot's skin pale and forming various markings on his body. When he first awakened this form, his eyes took on a black look, though after mastering it, his eyes take on the same look as SSJG Goku's, though they are darker.
-Super Saiyan Beyond Malevolence: Jokingly called "Super Saiyan Bronze" by Zamasu, yet simply called "Super Saiyan" by Kakarot, this is Kakarot's answer to Goku's Super Saiyan Blue and Goku Black's Super Saiyan Rosé forms, and his new base form, as he maintains his Super Saiyan state at all times. Though it is visually identical to his standard Super Saiyan form, this transformation changes when Kakarot powers up. His hair becomes darker, his eyes gain dark shading around them, and his ki becomes a black and green flame aura. Unlike Super Saiyan Blue and Rosé, which are simply Super Saiyan enhanced by the power of Super Saiyan God and Zamasu's ki, respectively, Super Saiyan Beyond Malevolence draws on the power of all of Kakarot's previous forms, gaining strength from his Majin state, Broly's DNA, and the Super Saiyan Dark transformation. The more he powers up, the more these traits become apparent, as the dark shading under his eyes reflect on his Majin state, the green Ki reflects on Broly's power, etc.
-Malevolent Super Saiyan 4: This is Kakarot's trump card and the transformation he reserves as a last resort, surpassing the power of Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken. As mentioned before, though Kakarot no longer has his tail, he still maintains the abilities of having one, granting him access to the Super Saiyan 4 transformation. As with Super Saiyan Beyond Malevolence, Kakarot's Super Saiyan 4 form is enhanced by the powers of his previous transformations, taking on the features of his Malevolent Super Saiyan state in particular, gaining the red markings over his torso and dark shading under his eyes. As opposed to Goku's Super Saiyan 4 state, Kakarot's fur is a less saturated shade of red, his eyes are dark orange, his eye shadows are blood red, and his hair is a silvery-black (or dark grey, in this image).
fababa Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Student
Is Malevolent Super Saiyan 4 stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken 10X or just Regular Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken?
LeeHatake93 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
It's stronger than Blue Kaioken 10x.
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